An Seanachai Pub & Kitchen

The Storyteller in Gaelic is An Seanachai. The story of the Seanachai is a tale going back over 170 years. Prior to 1847 the original farmhouse which is the Main Entrance and The Old Kitchen were a farm The Long bar was the attached stable for the animals. In 1847 the new Famine Graveyard opened and the enterprising Farmer turned his Farmhouse into a Public House to serve the numerous funerals that were taking place.

Over the years the pub has undergone numerous changes and has seen many Landlords and Landladies in the 170 years that have passed.
Many stories have carried down the years and traditionally this was through a Seanachai or Storyteller. We have some great videos on our Seanachai ( Storyteller ) Page

Entrance to The Famine Graveyard
An Seanachai 2021

We know have Sport In The Venue and The Courtyard