Re building An Seanachai

For many years the An Seanachai had been let fall into a state of disrepair. Resurected by new owners the pub was completely rebuilt to its current glory in 2002. David and the team re-opened the pub in 2017 as An Seanachai Pub and Kitchen.

The Pub

An Seanachai Pub has been in existance since 1846. The Building is an early 19th century thatched house - in about 1846 a room was added to provide for a public bar to accomodate the mourners who were coming from surrounding parishes to bury the victims of the potato famine in Ireland in a newly created famine graveyard adjacent to the pub.

The graveyard was commissioned when the original in Kilrush became full. It was commissioned in July of 1847 and was opened by the end of November the same year. The Gates were made by William Veale after his tender of 14 shillings was successful. Seamus Clandillian wrote in 1925 that a wooden cross marked the site. He also told of the old woman being tang taken to the site who regained consciousness and went on to live to a ripe old age. The Graveyard which is adjacent to the pub is still popular with visitors to this day.

The story is that Micheal Collins and Eamon DeVelara both stayed in the An Seanachai. Luckily it is said that it was on different nights.